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STN (Super Twisted Nematic) screen, also known as super-twisted nematic LCD screen. Monochrome LCD display on a conventional color filter added, and the monochrome display in the matrix of each pixel is divided into three pixels, respectively, through color filters red, green, and blue, the color of the display in order to achieve role for the color to light green and orange-based. STN screens are reflective LCD, it has the advantage of low power consumption, but in the relatively dark environment, poor clarity.
STN is why we have the most contact material type, there are mainly CSTN and DSTN points, it is a passive matrix LCD device, so low power consumption, energy saving, but it should be a slow time for 200 milliseconds.
CSTN commonly used transmission lighting mode, you must use an external light source lighting, called the backlight, lighting to be installed in the back of the LCD.

TFT Cell phone LCD screen

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) that is a thin film field effect transistor, an active matrix liquid crystal display device belonging to one. It can & quot; proactively & quot; each individual pixel on the screen to control, which can greatly improve the response time. The reaction time is generally TFT faster, about 80 milliseconds, and viewing angle, generally up to about 130 degrees, mainly used in high-end products. The so-called thin-film field effect transistor means each pixel of the liquid crystal of the liquid crystal display is integrated in the thin film transistor to drive subsequent. Which can be high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast display screen information. TFT belong to active matrix liquid crystal displays, technically adopted & quot; active matrix & quot; way to drive, by transistor electrodes using thin film technology made into the use of scanning methods & quot; active pull & quot; controlling any one Show points on and off, when the first light source revealed upward through the lower polarizer, liquid crystal molecules by means of conduction of light through shading and lighting to achieve the purpose of display.
TFT-LCD liquid crystal display is a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, which is the & quot; TFT & quot; (TFT). TFT LCD for each pixel has a semiconductor switch, each pixel can be directly controlled by the pulse points, which are relatively independent of each node, and continuous control, not only improves the reaction speed of the display, and can precisely control Show Levels, so the more true color TFT LCD. TFT LCD screen is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, and strong sense of hierarchy, bright colors, but there are relatively less power consumption and higher cost. TFT LCD technology to accelerate the development of mobile phone color screen. Many of the new generation of color phone display supports 65,536 colors, and some even support the 160,000-color display, then high-contrast TFT, color-rich advantage is very important.
TFT type liquid crystal display is mainly constituted comprising: a fluorescent tube, a light guide plate, polarizing plate, filter plate, a glass substrate, an alignment film, a liquid crystal material, a thin pattern of the transistor and the like.

TFD Cell phone LCD screen

TFD (Thin Film Diode) screen, also known as thin-film diode transflective LCD screen. TFD technology developed by Seiko Epson Corporation and out, devoted on the phone screen. It is a compromise between TFT and STN better than the brightness and color saturation of STN, TFT than power. The most important feature is that no matter under backlight off (reflective mode) or turn on the backlight (transmissive mode) conditions can provide high-quality, easy to watch the show, and has low power consumption, high-quality, high response speed, etc..

UFB Cell phone LCD screen

UFB LCD is March 2002, Samsung released a phone with a new type of liquid crystal display devices, with ultra-thin, high brightness characteristics. UFB-LCD is designed for mobile phones and PDA's screen design, with ultra-thin, high brightness characteristics, can display 65,536 colors, to achieve a resolution of 128x160, the display also uses a special grating design, can be reduced pixel pitch, to obtain a better image quality.
UFB LCD contrast is twice STN LCD screen, and when the 65,536-color TFT display brightness comparable, but less power consumption than TFT display, and price and STN display almost be said to be combining the advantages of both existing products in one.

OLED Cell phone LCD screen

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) that is an organic light emitting display on the phone LCD are new products, was acclaimed as & quot; fantastic display & quot ;. OLED display different techniques with traditional LCD display, no backlight, with a very thin coating of organic material and the glass substrate, when a current is passed, these organic materials will be light. And OLED display screen can be made thinner and lighter, larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power consumption. Currently the second largest OLED technology system, the low molecular OLED technology for the Japanese master, while the polymer PLED (LG phone called OEL is the product of this system) technology and patented CDT technology companies from the United Kingdom to master, two compared to those who still have some difficulties on the PLED products colorization.