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LCD Type

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According to different backlight, LCD CCFL and LED can be divided into two kinds. 

Many users think that can be divided into LED and LCD display LCD, this understanding in some way belong advertising misled. 
Said LED display currently on the market is not the true sense of the LED display, accurate to say that LED backlit LCD monitors, LCD panel is still a traditional LCD display, in a sense, it contains a number of fraud nature! South Korea's Samsung company has been sentenced for the UK Advertising Association organized a violation of the country's Advertising Law, the reason lies in its "LEDTV" LCD TVs have suspected of misleading consumers. Liquid crystal displays, which is the most important key type liquid crystal panel and a backlight, and a liquid crystal panel display market is generally a TFT panel is the same, the only difference between the LED and the LCD backlight is not the same type are: LED backlight and CCFL backlight (ie fluorescent), respectively, diodes and cold cathode fluorescent lamp. LCD Liquid Crystal Display that the first letter of the acronym, meaning "liquid crystal display", namely the LCD monitor. The LED refers to a liquid crystal display (LCD) in one, i.e., LED (light emitting diode) backlight source for liquid crystal display (LCD). See, LCD including the LED. And the corresponding LED is actually CCFL. 

Refers CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) used as a liquid crystal display backlight light source (LCD). 
CCFL color performance advantages is good enough that higher power consumption. 

Refers to LED (light emitting diodes) as a backlight source of a liquid crystal display (LCD), in the usual sense refers WLED (white LED). 
LED advantage is small size, low power consumption, so use LED as a backlight, can achieve high brightness light at the same time taking into account. Its deficiency is the main color performance worse than CCFL, so professional graphics LCD mostly still using the traditional CCFL as backlight source.