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Cell phone LCD screen

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Phone LCD screen can be divided into: STN screen, TFT screen, TFD screen UFB screen, OLED screen. With the gradual universal color, material mobile phone screen is also more and more important. LCD color screen mobile phones because of different quality and R & D vary, the type generally have TFT, TFD, UFB, STN and OLED several. Colors in general can be displayed to show the level of more and more complex picture, the picture is also more abundant.

LCD remove several categories, but you can still see some of the other LCD on some phones, such as Japan's GF SHARP screen and CG (continuous crystalline silicon). Comparison of two phases of a completely different species, GF is improved STN can improve brightness, and the CG is to achieve high-precision high-quality LCD QVGA (240 & times; 320) pixel size resolution.

October 10, 2013, CCTV news exposure external screen phone repair profiteering insider. Beijing small yellow outer glass screen Samsung Note2 broke, Samsung aftermarket shops offer 1650 yuan, the LCD screen is not bad under the external screen also have to spend money to replace together. And in a small repair shop for glass lowest 390 yuan. There screen manufacturers revealed that the external screen glass good sell 7,8 million, mobile phone repair staggering profits.