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TLI touch screen assembly

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Touch screen and display integration, that is our common touch screen assembly. 

Now almost all the high-end smart phones using TLI way, TLI touch screen (usually capacitive screen) and display (including LCD and AMOLED display) conducted a full processing mode optical bonding glue. According to the different optical glue, TLI can be divided into solid and liquid laminating laminating two types of solid fit refers to the use of solid-state optical adhesive bonding material fit a whole way, solid rubber terminology OCA (Optical Clear adhesive); liquid bonding refers to the use of liquid optical adhesive material for bonding a full-fit manner, liquid glue terminology LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive). 

TLI is Chinese first invented the whole fitting manufacturers processing methods Truly fit for the whole naming specific terms, as well known in the industry-wide fit (Full Lamination) and Optical Bonding (Optical Bonding). Truly is due to the promotion of China's first full-fitting manufacturers and has been the formation of scale, the country also used to call TLI.